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I began Maya Counselling over 30 years ago. I chose the name Maya because of its Hindu meaning, which put simply is 'magical illusion'.

Māyā is the limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled. Māyā is held to be an illusion, a veiling of the true, unitary Self—

Māyā is true but not the truth, the difference being that the truth is the truth forever while what is true is only true for now. Since māyā causes the material world to be seen, it is true in itself but is "untrue" in comparison to the Brahman. The goal of spiritual enlightenment ought to be to see Brahman and māyā and distinguish between them. Hence, māyā is described as indescribable.

-- Surendranath Dasgupta, A History of Indian Philosophy. Cambridge University Press Archive

What this represents to me is that together we create clarity on what it is that can be changed, Maya, and what it is that stays the same, Brahman. Or, what is actually just an illusion of all that we can be and what is actually the truth of all we can be.

My own belief is that we are solution creators and thus, though we cannot change what happens to us, we can, and do, constantly solve.

This means that we do not strive to create problems in our lives but instead consistently work to create solutions. Part of our work together will be to make more sense of what solutions you have created and how they may be updated or changed to more effectively assist you in creating the life you are striving to create.


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