Janet White


I began my work as a counsellor when I was 18 and thus have been working in the counselling field for almost 35 years. You’ll be happy to know that over the 35 years I have gone to University and completed both my undergraduate (a BA in Child and Youth Care) and graduate degree (a Masters in Human Sciences). I have also done a great deal of informal training. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, which means that I have full insurance and am often acceptable to health companies; when counselling is a part of your benefits package.

I call myself a relationship counsellor as I work with our relationships to self, others and the world around us. I believe that what you bring to counselling is expertise on you, your experiences and where you are seeking to create difference. I bring to counselling my expertise in the helping process, my experience and all of who I am. I believe that the therapeutic relationship we create is a key to our work together. This means that we respectfully collaborate with each other in a way that best gets you the help you are looking for. Within the ethical guidelines of my association I work for you; if you are using a third party to pay for the counselling we may have to also keep in mind what they are willing to pay for.


Current activities

  • Therapist/Consultant/Clinical Supervisor, Maya Counselling, Penticton, BC
  • Sessional Instructor, School of Child and Youth, University of Victoria, BC
  • Family Therapist/Clinical Supervisor  School District #67
  • Clinical Supervisor – Stop the Violence – Penticton, Oliver/Osoyoos, Armstrong, Vernon & Keremeos
  • Children Who Witness Violence – Oliver/Osoyoos, Armstrong & Penticton
  • Boys and Girls Clubs – Oliver/Osoyoos & Armstrong
  •  Men’s Counselling Program - Penticton 

Certifications / Professional Recognition

Registered Clinical Counselor, B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors(R.C.C.)

Clinical Supervisor, as recognized by B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors

Working With Offenders, 10 day training program for Clinicians

Satir Family Therapist, Level 2, Northwest Satir Institute

Level II Trainer of Trainers, Peer Resources, BC

Level III Therapist, Workman’s Compensation Board of BC

Gottman Relationship Therapeutic Training Level 1

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy - Clinical Supervision Training

Professional Development Seminars (Intern) – Diploma of Clinical Counselling

Tedx 2014 – Celebrating the Problem Child 


Gayle Renwick

I have spent my adult years involved in the counselling field in a variety of ways. I have worked in psychiatric adolescent treatment centres, adolescent group homes, private practises and anti violence programs. Gradually I have focused on the areas that intrigue me the most. Currently these areas are; trauma in all its forms and the criteria of PTSD, play and art therapy, Mindfulness and personal growth.

My formal education culminated in a Master of Social Work degree. A strong personal love of learning has lead me to many additional trainings and certifications, too numerous to record, but which sustain my interest in the field of trauma and the interventions that support recovery. Some significant trainings in the last ten years have been; Level Two EMDR, Imaginal nurturing (an attachment based approach addressing early deficits), play therapy training, NICABM trauma series, Bruce Perry Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, Narrative Therapy Family and Individual.

While focusing on the trauma field sounds like a narrow concentration, there are few people who have not experienced some kind of trauma whether natural disaster or motor vehicle trauma, violence, relational trauma and developmental trauma, which has influenced and constricted their lives. Mind and body possess a natural gravitation toward health and balance. We can collaborate to assist mind/body along the path to wellbeing.

The capacity to heal is present in all living systems..

Gayle Renwick MSW, RSW
registration # 4193, B.C. College of Social Workers

Maureen Carey-Barkley

I started in the counselling field while working my way through university
and have continued on this path with enthusiasm for over 30
years. I earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Counselling
Psychology while raising our family of 3 with my partner of 23 years. Since
this field is my passion, I am excited to learn and grow in my profession –
by taking further training, keeping current with research and literature
and most helpful, learning from each counselling experience. My trainings
include a variety of modalities and interventions for individuals who have
experienced trauma and symptoms of PTSD, as well as play therapy trainings and

At Maya, we offer a play room setting for children, office settings for
older youth and adults. The playroom and expressive therapies are also available to
youth and adults! Much of what I love about counselling is the
opportunity for individuals to explore, be curious and develop awareness in
a therapeutic setting and at a pace that fits that person’s needs. I am a
Registered Clinical Counsellor and this designation can often enable people
to use extended health benefits to access my services. You may email me
directly at

Current Activities:

Registered Clinical Counsellor at Maya Counselling

Devoted hockey/soccer/rugby Mom with a passion for volunteering (Girl
Guides and The One Person Project are my top two)


Certifications/Professional Recognition:

Expressive Play Therapy Certificate

Two most notable of many Trauma trainings:
New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment, and

Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders: Advances in Conceptualization and
Evidence-Based Treatments

Eating Disordered Behaviour Certificate

Self-Injurious Behaviour in Youth Certificate

Sexual Abuse Intervention: Child and Youth

Cultural Safety Training

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