Solution Creators

Families Working Through Trauma

Self and Therapeutic Relationships

Creating Capable Adults

Five Steps to Trauma Informed Practice

The Three R’s of Helping – Relationships, Responsibility and Resilience

Actual Practice:  Here’s how you do it

Here is a brief talk on Resiliency for you to get a sense of some of what I have to offer


All these workshops are created by me.  I can create a workshop that specifically fits what you are looking for you simply need to pay for my time.  Remember my speciality really is relationships and our ability to create them with self and other.  I am a clinician and thus I can consistently illustrate through practice what I am presenting. 


Costs:  Workshops already available - $200.00 per hour plus all expenses

Workshops created to your requirements – 2 hours prep time for every one hour of presentation.

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